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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does JetRide cost in your city?

    The Cost of a trip on JetRide depends on the time spent and distance covered. There is no SURGE, so you do not need to be worried.

  • How to enter a pickup location?

    Immediately you open the JetRide App to take a ride or send a parcel, the app automatically pickup your current, all you need to input is your destination.

  • Can i Book a ride for later?

    Booking a ride for a later date or time is 100% possible on the JetRide, Our drivers will be notified 30mins before your pickup time.

  • Do i need my car to become a driver?

    We accept people who own their car to sign up on the JetRide App, In the future, we will be providing cars to persons without a car.

  • How do i become a driver?

    You can become a driver by simply clicking the Join Other Drivers Button below to get started. After registration proceed to get your car inspected.

  • How much is your commission

    Our commission is Dynamic and with our competitive commission, drivers who drive on our platform earn up to 40% more compared to other apps.

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